About Us

Matkin Hoover Engineering & Surveying (MHES) was formed by John-Mark Matkin, P.E. in January of 2002 in Boerne, Texas. From its inception, Matkin Hoover’s entrepreneurial vision has been to provide quality engineering and surveying services to clients with the personal involvement of a small business. We are a Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and offer civil engineering, construction management, project management, land planning, consulting, and complete land surveying services for the public and private sectors.

Core Principles

At MHES we thrive on a three part philosophy of providing first class customer Service, superior Quality Work, and Innovative Design for all of our clients. The growth and success of MHES is a direct result of passing the practice of these three principles of the civil engineering and surveying field on to all of our employees. Breading this culture at every level of our organization will ensure our customers are informed and equipped with the knowledge and solutions to succeed, today and the years to come.

| Service |

Our team strives to provide legendary service with the belief that it is our job to make your project run smoothly from beginning to end. The principals of the company make themselves available to the clients at any time of any day.

| Quality Work |

Every project involves the senior staff and is double-checked for accuracy. Our engineers are well aware that their work directly impacts the end result and the bottom line. We use innovative but sound design techniques to ensure that our clients’ best interest is always our priority.

| Innovative Design |

Using innovative practices during the design stages can save the developer valuable time, money and resources. On numerous occasions we have reviewed preliminary designs and discovered alternative, more efficient means to a sound end without additional costs.

Team Work

MHES is supported by a strong force of experienced, educated, and dedicated engineers, surveyors, CAD technicians, and administrative staff. The Vice-Presidents of our company make themselves available to our clients at any time of any day because they know their work dictates the end result of a project and the bottom line of the investment hinges on them. Our firm is technologically advanced and equipped with the latest equipment and design software to provide a superior product. At MHES, we know what it takes to plan, design, coordinate and oversee the installation of facilities that will deliver long-term performance and top-quality deliverables.